Annick Ghijzelings

Annick Ghijzelings was born in 1965 in Belgium. After studies in Science and Philosophy, she publishes several essays and stories. In 2003, she directs Le jardin, an adaptation of one of her texts, and since then dedicates herself to cinema, documentary and fiction. He works takes her from Africa to Latin America and Oceania. From her elsewhere lives and the graces of encounters, she remembers fragments of stories.
Her books and films are al tinged with the same desire to question the impermanence of things and to undo the course of Time. This is all traces and indications of what stands up to erasure and oblivion.

2016 : 27 times Time, doc, 73 min.
2010 : The very minute, unfinished 1 > 7, exp, 37’
2009 : Avant de partir, doc, 20’
2008 : Nous trois, exp, 4’
2008 : Terre terra terrae, doc, 50’
2004 : Matin calme, fic, 14’
2003 : Le jardin, fic, 18’

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