Luc Jabon

Born in Brussels in 1948, Luc Jabon is screenwriter, script doctor, teacher and director.

It starts in the scriptwriting with Winter travel Marian Handwerker. Gérard Corbiau, he wrote the scripts of numerous documentaries and fictions on music for television, and especially for the cinema, the music of the Master. Babylon will follow the scenario of Manu Bonmariage, Mary and Marian Handwerker Pure fiction. Also very active in the Belgian and French television, he is the author or coauthor of several TV movies (unit and series).

Director of four documentaries (from nail to nail, the devil in philosophy, Trio Bravo and The life of a player at the time of the end of the book), he led from 1993 many scriptwriting workshops, including at the Institute of broadcast arts (IAD). He also publishes articles on screenwriting in journals Directories, Synopsis and Cahiers du scenario.

Luc Jabon was president of the ASA (Association of Writers audiovisual). In 1998, he received the consecration of price-Herman Closson, awarded by the Belgian Committee of the SACD.
Pro Spere coordinator since 2003, is currently President of the Belgian Committee of the SACD.

2016 : Les survivants, fic
2013 : L’âge de raison, le cinéma des frères Dardenne (co-réalisation Alain Marcoen), doc, 61’
2004 : La vie d’un lecteur au temps de la fin du livre, doc, 53’
1992 : Trio Bravo, doc, 52’
1990 : Le diable dans la philosophie, doc, 38’

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