Marie-France Collard

Before moving to completion, Marie-France COLLARD was assistant director and editor freelance in Belgium and Paris. Director FLOWER SKIN video featured at festivals in Montreal, Lisbon, Arnheim and Neufchatel. Director of the short film AMNESIA, integrated the show by Brigitte Kaquet and Toni Cots, CANTE JONDO.

Since 1990 she is a member and collaborator Groupov. TRASH author of the play (a lonely prayer), co-authored and directed by Jacques Delcuvellerie. Research and screenplay with Jean-Claude Riga for the documentary JOURNEY PAYS SECRET (RTBF, Arte). Director of DIARY OF A TIME - The Glade, was 93 Groupov. Director of DEATH, integrated video to show PENTHY 2 Groupov. As part of "the night of Groupov" at the Théâtre Varia, performance-video MACHINE VISION, or, Hurry up a bit, Roger. Director of the master document. "I have a lover" if they said ... (Broadcasts: Arte, RTBF, RFO, NOS, VRT, TSR, TSI, Planet, ORF, TV5). Dunia director for the show (RTBF, TV5) GOURDAM of SATI, SENEGAL and WORKERS OF THE SHADOWS. Director of the feature documentary WORKERS OF THE WORLD (TV +, Arte, The 5th, RTBF, VRT, Beca and Multicanal (Spain), TV5). Prix ​​Jean Lods under the Great Scam Prize 2001 (France); Audience Award in the 11th Women's Film Festival in Cologne (Germany) 2002; Audience Award - International Festival Dignity and Work Gdansk (Poland) 2004; Best Documentary Award at the Video Festival in Social Theme of Liège in 2005.

Travel, surveys, desk research and production of images for the show RWANDA 94, she is also an author with Jacques Delcuvellerie Yolande Mukagasana, Jean-Marie Piemme, Dorcy Rugamba and Mathias Simons. On the occasion of the tour of the show in Rwanda in April 2004, she directed the documentary RWANDA. Through us, humanity ... on the lives of survivors today, in relation to their vision of the piece (RTBF RTBF Sat). Special Jury Mention at the 2nd International Film Festival of Nazareth, November 2006; Humanitarian Award Tiburon International Film Festival, USA March 2007. In 2011, she directed the film BRUSSELS KIGALI, shot on the occasion of the trial court seat of a leader of the Interahamwe militia Nkezabera.

Dramaturgy and production of images for anathema and UN UOMO DI MENO directed by Jacques Delcuvellerie. Director, with Patrick Czaplinski, film RWANDA 94 pulled the show of the same name (RTBF). Co-director with Jerome Laffont and Foued Bellali feature length documentary RESIST IS NOT A CRIME (DVD distribution); Special Jury Prize at the International Film Festival of Human Rights (FIFDH) 2009 in Paris.
Co-author with Claude Schmitz entertainment MARY MOTHER OF FRANKENSTEIN, directed by Claude Schmitz, created in May 2010 at the National Theatre in Brussels as part of KunstenFESTIVALdesArts. This show is the second component of the project Fare Thee Well Tovaritch Homo Sapiens, initiated by Jacques Delcuvellerie and Groupov.

2011 : Bruxelles-Kigali, doc, 118’
2011 : Les Moissons de la Faim, doc, 59’
2007 : Résister n’est pas un crime, doc, 97’
2006 : Rwanda. A travers nous l’Humanité…, doc, 105’ and 155’
2000 : Ouvrières du Monde, doc, 84’ and 53’
1995 : Le voyage de Fatma (co-direction JC Riga), doc, 22’
1996 : Travailleuses de l’Ombre, doc, 16’
1996 : Gourdam Sati, Sénégal, doc, 18’
1996 : Maîtresses. J’ai un amant, se disaient-elles, doc, 75’
1992 : Voyage en pays Secret, doc, 52’


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