Nicolás Rincón Gille

Belgo-Colombian, Nicolás Rincón Gille was born in Bogota on August 12, 1973. After economics studies at the National University of Colombia, he went to the south of the country to met Indians of the Regional Organisation of Indians of Cauca (CRIC), where he met Marta Rodriguez, a great documentary maker. With her advice, he decided to make what he ever would like to do: cinema. So he went to Belgium to integrate INSAS, Public School of Cinema, that he finished in 2003.
He is also Belgian, like his mother, and in this country he discovered a
new world. Exil, immigration, were subjects of his first works: « País » a short story about a republican Spaniard and “Azur” about a young Morocco immigrant.

With his work as a documentary maker, he comes back to a very
important subject for him since he was a child. Very often, his father took him to the Colombian countryside to meet the farmers to discover their powerful oral tradition. Today, this tradition seems vanished because of the violence.
That’s the main point of the project “Campo hablado”. A cinema triptych about the relationship between oral tradition and violence in the Colombian countryside. He made “En lo Escondido” (Those waiting in the dark) in 2007 and “Los Abrazos del rio” (The Embrace of the River) in 2010. He closes this triptych with the third episode “Noche Herida ” (Wounded Night) in 2015.

2015 : Besos Frios (Cold Kisses), doc, 15’
2015 : Noche herida (Wounded Night), doc, 87’
2010 : Los abrazos del rio (The Embrase Of The River), doc, 73’
2007 : En lo Escondido (Those Waiting In The Dark), doc, 78’
2005 : Après, doc, 33’
2003 : Azur, fic, 16’


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