Turi Finocchiaro

Following university (D.U. in Montpellier) and technical training (I.N.Ra.Ci. in Brussels in image) - extremely well acquainted always different European realities - he decided to turn to the audiovisual production.

Having spent nearly 20 years in Rome, he worked on many international co-productions (stage manager, production manager and executive producer). In 1993 he created EFC - a consultancy firm on the development of European co-productions (Media & Eurimages).
In 1998 he created Impronte Digitali and begins to produce and co her first documentary.

Returned to Belgium in 2004, he turned to producing and co-directing - with Nathalie Rossetti - his own documentaries.
With his wife Nathalie, Amel Bouzid and Louise Mast creates Borak Films in 2009. He participated as an auditor at EAVE 2000 and participates in the formation EURODOC 2010 with 'Choirs in Exile'

In 2007 he creates with Nathalie near Naples the Faito Doc Festival (www.faitodocfestival.it), international festival of documentaries which he is the artistic co-director.

2015 : Chœurs en Exil (Singing In Exile), doc, 77’ 

2008 : Oltre la legge del Sangue (Against Blood Justice), doc, 53’
2006 : Yiddish Soul concert, Musical, 43’
2005 : Yiddish Soul, doc, 53’



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