Benjamin Hennot

Born in Tournai on June 14th 1973.
Holder of a degree in French Language and Literature. Author of an essay on “the presence of Taoism in 20th Century Europe”. He published and commented republications of texts by Clément Pansaers, friend of James Joyce who influenced Brussels surrealism and Henri Michaux.
2013: documentary The Narrow Jungle, 57’ – Produced by Underworld and supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Broadcast on Arte Belgium in February 2013. Workers Fraternities in Mouscron or: the joyous synthesis of permaculture and popular education.
2015: documentary The Battle of the Black Water, 75’ – Produced by YC Aligator Film, coproduced by Be TV, RTBF, WIP and supported by the Cinema and Audio-visual Centre of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. The opponents to the construction of a dam in Couvin in 78 or: their prodigious ecological victory and Belgium’s first free radio.
Summer 2016: in preparation, Stan & Ulysses, a terrorist youth or: the most active and offensive resistance against the totalitarianism of their time in Wallonia (five driving forces, two Rexist burgomasters).
Benjamin Hennot loves the history of the defeated, especially when they triumph. His films tell the stories he prefers: the history of popular movements.
Has been living for six years 5 Signy Street in the village of Pesche (5560), at the edge of the Ardennes forest. Between his orchard, his vegetable garden and his “affouage” plot.

2016 : Stan & Ulysse, une jeunesse terroriste.
2015: La Bataille de l'Eau Noire, doc, 75’
2013 : La jungle étroite, doc, 57’

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