Before We Go
Before we go

Jorge León, Belgium, 2014, HDV, Format diffusion : 1.77 (HDV 16:9), 82 minutes

Brussels, La Monnaie Opera House. Three people near the end of their lives meet with choreographers, actors and musicians. They take part in a unique experience which involves music, dance and silence. Their journey becomes a tribute to the fragility of the human condition, be- tween reality and representation, tragedy of the body and freedom of the spirit. Together they question their own relationship with death.


This film is the result of decisive encounters with the residents of a palliative care centre in Brussels that welcomes terminal patients, avoiding the use of intensive medication. For some years now, the centre’s directors have been inviting me to host creative workshops. When I suggested exploring the theme of death to the residents, their strong support and commitment gave me the idea of making a film. I suggested leaving the therapeutic space for the Opera, an emblematic setting for tragic representation. Choreographer, actor and musician friends joined us and together we attempted to give shape to the ques- tions, hopes and fears that the end of life gives rise to... Before We Go is an intense journey into the heart of that experience.

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Before We Go


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