Choeurs en exil
Singing in exile

Nathalie Rossetti, Turi Finocchiaro, Belgium, 2015, Format diffusion : 1.77 (HDV 16:9), 77 minutes

In order to pass on an ancestral heritage, Aram and Virginia, an Armenian couple from the diaspora, take a troupe of young European actors of the  Wroclaw Grotowski Institute  on an initiatory journey to the places in Anatolia where this art once flourished. Along the way, their questioning revives the wealth of an eradicated culture, and  singing and theater become  the languages of creation and sharing, a breath of life.

  • Directed by: Turi Finocchiaro, Nathalie Rossetti
  • Screenplay: Nathalie Rossetti & Turi Finocchiaro
  • Photography: Raphaël Van Sitteren, Maël Lagadec, Edouard Valette, Pôl Seïf
  • Sound: Origan Cannella, Agnès Szabo, Elsa Ruhlmann, Jeanne Debarsy
  • Image editing: Rudi Maerten
  • Sound editing: Tomasz Sikora
  • Mixing: Michał Kosterkiewicz
  • Languages: FR, EN, TR
  • Subtitles: FR, EN, ES, IT
  • Available formats: Digital
  • Production: Borak Films
  • Coproduction: CBA, touchFilms, Productions du Lagon
  • Coproduction workshop: CBA
  • Festival promotion:

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  • CBA
  • Festival selections:

    Festival du Film Documentaire de Saint Martin de Valamas (France) 04/16
    Karama HRFF, Amann (Jordanie) 12/15
    Festival Signes de Nuit, Paris (France) 12/15
    NURT, Kielce (Pologne) 12/15
    FICFA-Festival Intl du Cinéma Francophone en Acadie (Canada) 11/15
    East Silver Market de Jihlava (République Tchèque) 11/15
    CineMed, Montpellier (France) 10/15
    Festival Planète Honnête, Cadenet (France) 09/15
    Krakow Film Festival (Pologne) 06/15
    Moscow Film festival (Russie) 06/15
    Golden Apricot, Yerevan (Arménie) 06/15
    Visions du Réel, Nyon (Suisse) 04/15

  • Awards:

    Festival Planète Honnête, Cadenet (France) 09/15 : 1er Prix 
    NURT, Kielce (Pologne) 12/15 : Mention Spéciale

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Choeurs en exil

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